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How Will You Be Prepared for the Future?

Growing up we are told over and over to do/not do something because of how it will effect us as adults. But whoever listens to that advice…right?? Then we grow up and think to ourselves – “if only I had done/not done this when I was younger. If only I had known.” This comes up around education, financial decisions, the people we spend time with, the career we choose, etc. Granted, we all mistakes and those mistakes only serve as lessons for the future. The article below serves as a great example of how we might want to think ahead or teach our children to think ahead. The article focuses on doing things differently in your 30’s, but I wanted to post this because it really can be helpful at any age. How many of these things have you checked off your list? How many are you intending  to accomplish?

20 Things To Do At 30 That Will Make Your Life Better At 50