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"Dreams Can Come True"

I was reminded on my way into the office this morning of a simple concept – dreams really can come true! I was listening to my very loved 90’s radio station (yep, you read that right!) and heard an old song by Gabrielle that made me consider this more deeply. We all want something in life, even if its just to feel better. But what stops us from getting what we want? Often it’s ourselves, our own negative thinking, our own self-defeating actions. We tell ourselves we will never accomplish what we want or get where we want to be. We hang around the house all day or at a job we hate instead of going out there and getting what we want. But where do those things get us? Nowhere.

There is this idea that if we continue to picture our future and our goals, they will eventually become our present. The suggestion is that if we are constantly keeping those visions in mind, we will begin to think, act, etc. in line with those goals and eventually reach them. Granted, this sounds all very simplistic, I know. It’s not easy. We can’t change our thoughts over night and we can’t up and change our routine over night either. But what we can do is start to dream. We can start to form some sense of what we want today and tomorrow to turn into. We can start to change some of that negativity into positivity and remind ourselves that with time, things do change. What is that you want for your life? Do you believe its possible to get there? What’s standing in your way?

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